Jun 4, 2020| 5 Things

5 Things I Wish No One Had To Learn…

  1. No matter how many time you get back up, there’s always someone ready to push you down.
  2. Bullies exist in adulthood and sometimes they are they are more successful than you.
  3. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest.
  4. Polite people can be living antonyms for niceness.
  5. Kindness isn’t a necessity for living, but having money is.

5 Things I Learned That Are Worth Realizing…

  1. When we fall or are pushed down, there’s someone willing to pick us up and encourage us for the better.
  2. Those who pick on others, even those who are very successful, lack something the people they bully have.
  3. Doing what’s right is never easy, but nothing good or worth it ever is.
  4. Sometimes politeness is a person’s way of handling a difficult situation and protecting someone they care about.
  5. Money may be a necessity for living, but compassion is a necessity for living at peace.

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