Aug 8| Quote Of The Day :: Revised

“No matter how tough it gets, no matter who pulls you to the ground, keep smiling. It’s the ones who find the strength to grin like they’ve never been hurt—they’re stronger than anyone else.” — The Sacred Fox, inspired by Zero Kirisame

Jan 5| Quote Of The Day

“Approach problems as though looking through a digital camera lens. Close up the small things will always be evident. You have to widen your view, change your angle if you want the best picture.”— The Sacred Fox

Nov 8| Note Of The Day

Note To Self:Beauty, true beauty, comes when you can roll out of bed, stare at yourself in the mirror, and still believe the bird’s nest on your head still makes you look like Angelina Jolie.— The Sacred Fox

Oct 28| Note Of The Day

Note To Self:Love is not perfect. It is selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. Sometimes it is hard to handle and out of control, but if you cannot handle love at it’s worst, do you believe you deserve it at its best?— Adapted from Marilyn Monroe

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