Jul 7| Quote Of The Day

“Actions will always speak louder than words. As people, we like hearing we are loved, but when the day ends, which would you rather hear: silence from a man who shows love every day? Or ‘I love you’ from a woman who criticizes every action?” —Roxanne, The Sacred Fox

Jul 6| Quote Of The Day

“You can glare and growl at the guy until your eyes pop and you’re hoarse, but at the end of the day, he makes her happy. If that is not what’s most important, can you honestly call this feeling love?”—Roxanne, The Sacred Fox

Jun 1| Quote Of The Day

A teacher once asked what love was to each of her students. When each student answered in turn, their answers were similar until one student raised her hand out of turn. “Love is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich your mother makes before school,” The teacher started to chuckle at the student’s answer until she... Continue Reading →

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