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Hi, my name is Roxanne or if you prefer Roxxie. Before my readers ask “Is that your real name?”, the answer’s “No.” But before my readers start fleeing my page in droves, fingers signed in a holy cross, hissing “liar!”, let me first explain. I am the wonderful owner of an interesting and beautiful imagination. Most of which I feel my family, dear as they are to me, would not approve. In order to write without fear, I have adopted a pen name. Thus Roxanne was born!

I am an automotive parts manufacturer most nights and spend my days learning Web Design at community college. Days off are reserved for Starbucks cake pops, Romance novel sass-a-thons, and DryBar comedians. (After a week of aching muscles and caffeinated drinks, I’m allowed one vegging period bi-weekly.)

I’ll be first to admit I lead a bit of a humdrum life. Seriously. My idea of excitement is sitting in the breakroom/ cafeteria mentally matchmaking my co-workers. I love to cook, video games, and old anime. As an American woman and Parnormal Romance author-in-training, I adore people who don’t mind being a little bit twisted, a complete oddity, or very unlike the average panda bear.

When it comes to writing Romance, my inspiration comes from mythology, other writers, and, the most interesting creature on Earth: people. Don’t get me wrong, shifters and vampires an interesting breed, but I’m not ready to run in the same circles. (No pun intended Werewolves!) That said, I like strong beta males, (The smart kind that knows how to take care of his woman, needed or not.) and shifters. A Target run variety of shifters. I also have a thing for male kitsune, the sensuous loyal kind that know how to light a girl’s fire.

All kidding aside, learning is my passion. As a reader you may be wondering “Why is that strange girl talking about this?” by the end of your visit, but everyone has a tale in life. Short or long, miserable or luxurious, I want everyone to have a chance to tell their story.

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