Jun 29| Rhyme Versus Reason :: Simple Poem

Will You… By: Roxanne When I’m bitterAnd no one’s aroundWill you tickle me until I’m unwound?When I’m down, And my world is grey Will you kiss me anyway?When I’m afraidAnd the sky is fallingWill you wrap me in your arms, my darling.

May 18| Get Over The Hump-Day :: Humor

A fellow associate once informed me that it was my turn to take out the trash. I turned to him and asked, “Are you telling or asking me?”He looked at me, furrowed his brow, and said, “I’m telling?”“That’s too bad,” I told him. “If you were asking, you would have gotten a better reaction.”

Jun 23| Get Off Your Hump Day:: Rant

Why do we allow our flaws to brand us, rather than define who we are as people? As women we seem to fixate on what other women, or men the matter, believe or say about us. Sometimes to the point that we make unhealthy changes to fit another’s standard of social acceptance. And it absolutely... Continue Reading →

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