Needles and All By: Roxanne Rose, oh rose, once crimson and tallNow droops in woe as her petals fall.Barbs and burrs keep away all othersBut one stops to nuzzle and and admire her color.Her charm restored as others now saw;Roses want to feel beautiful, needles and all.

Nov 8, 2021| Note Of The Day

Note To Self:Beauty, true beauty, comes when you can roll out of bed, stare at yourself in the mirror, and believe the bird’s nest on your head still makes you look like Angelina Jolie. — The Sacred Fox

May 25, 2020| Quote Of The Day

“Bad days are like rose bushes. More times than not we end up hurt trying to find the beauty beneath the thorns. But, that’s the wondrous thing about being human. Knowing no matter how much pain a day may bring there’s always a way to make it better.” — Roxanne

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