Dec 16| Quote Of the Day

“Lower my standards?” She chuckled a low humorless sound that grew into laughter. “Let me know when you get a ladder ‘cause right now, you’re not close to my level.”— The Sacred Fox

Oct 28| Note Of The Day

Note To Self:Love is not perfect. It is selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. Sometimes it is hard to handle and out of control, but if you cannot handle love at it’s worst, do you believe you deserve it at its best?— Adapted from Marilyn Monroe

August 26| Quote Of The Day

“I always carried her—on my shoulders, in my arms, by the hand—and I was always afraid of letting her down. Now, she’s tall enough to reach my chin and I’m terrified.” Draven leveled Dane with a hard stare. One that should have chilled Dane’s blood, yet filled his chest with determination and anxiety. “Because I... Continue Reading →

Jul 8| 15 Romantic Quotes For Her

Sometimes the smallest gestures can turn the worst day of her life into one she’ll treasure forever. Guys don’t always vocalize what we mean to them, sometimes because a great relationship is just that hard to put into words. Here’s a few of my favorite (sometimes cheesy) ways for men to express what she means... Continue Reading →

Jul 1| Rhyme Versus Reason :: Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart by: Roxanne Lips tilted with cheerNow quiver in fearFor all adoration has flown.No longer do his liesContinue to guiseTruth her family has known.This he knows so wellThough he says “don’t tell”Her friends can see the indications.His bark loud as his biteMarking her arms left and rightHow long can her family stand... Continue Reading →

Jun 17| Quote Of The Day

“That moment when nothing else matters—when every future need you will have is swept to the side because the thought of her going without is not an option. Never forget that feeling, it’s the most precious memory a man can possess. The day you look at that tiny black and white dot on an ultrasound... Continue Reading →

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