Jun 11, 2021| Quote Of The Day

“She has to make her own mistakes, learn her own lessons. Maturity means nothing if the answers are served to her like hors-d’œrves on a platinum plate.” —Roxanne, The Snowball Effect

Jun 4, 2020| 5 Things

5 Things I Wish No One Had To Learn... No matter how many time you get back up, there’s always someone ready to push you down. Bullies exist in adulthood and sometimes they are they are more successful than you. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest. Polite people can be living antonyms for... Continue Reading →

May 25, 2020| Quote Of The Day

“Bad days are like rose bushes. More times than not we end up hurt trying to find the beauty beneath the thorns. But, that’s the wondrous thing about being human. Knowing no matter how much pain a day may bring there’s always a way to make it better.” — Roxanne

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