Feb 4| Quote Of The Day: Valentine’s Day

"When the temporary madness subsides and the blinders come down. When the excitement, breathlessness, and desire have all but worn away. Should it be inconceivable that you still wish stay?"-Adapted from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernières

Dec 16| Quote Of the Day

“Lower my standards?” She chuckled a low humorless sound that grew into laughter. “Let me know when you get a ladder ‘cause right now, you’re not close to my level.”— The Sacred Fox

Dec 14| Rhyme Verses Reason :: Simple Poem

Because She Cares By: The Sacred Fox Surprise her with a Lindor chocolate bouquetOr a stay-at-home romcom Hallmark matinee.Kiss her when there’s dinner on the tableAfter the day’s gone wrong and emotions are unstable.Wrap her in your arms when her week goes wrong,And sing off-key to a Justin Bieber song.When she falls asleep in your... Continue Reading →

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