May 31, 2020| Quote Of The Day

“So many out in the world want the perfect relationship, and can count on hands and toes what they want it to look like. Even though, I may not know what I want my relationship to look like yet, I do know what I want out of it: Someone who can argue with me and... Continue Reading →

May 29, 2020| Quote Of The Day

“When it comes to men, I always go for the skinny guy with glasses who’s older. They’re more inclined to believe VHS once roamed the earth and less prone to hiking tendencies.” — Roxanne

May 29, 2020| Laugh Your Fanny Off

As a manufacturing associate, I’ve gotten use to the unique crowd that comes in and out of the factory. One co-worker—we’ll call him Will—has a very interesting sense of humor. Will’s way to end a day is to pop the buttons on his ESD jacket, stick out his chest like Christopher Reeve, and anounce he’s... Continue Reading →

May 25, 2020| Quote Of The Day

“Bad days are like rose bushes. More times than not we end up hurt trying to find the beauty beneath the thorns. But, that’s the wondrous thing about being human. Knowing no matter how much pain a day may bring there’s always a way to make it better.” — Roxanne

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