Aug 9, 2021| Break up With Writer’s Block

Hey, my beautiful readers and readettes! I’ve been considering how much time I’ve spent away from my true love, story writing, because of a bit of problem child called procrastination. His father, Writer’s block, and I have been together for years, but I think it’s time to break things off. Here is my goodbye to Writer’s Block. Hope you like it!

Dear Writer’s Block,

I would love to say we just drifted apart, that this was never your fault or mine, but I would be lying. A year or two ago, I might have said it was you, too much of you. But I know better now. The days we would sit together and stare at a blank computer screen were my fault. I was just afraid, terrified, really, to let you go because you were my first. My first reason to go out with friends, my first pajama day partner. But, I’ve found somebody else. She’s kind, warm, and sometimes a little goofy, but she gets who I am. It’s because I’ve found someone who shares my interests in wanting to move forward in my writing that I’m writing this text as my last. I found my writing voice. I only hope you can do the same.

I wish you the best,

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