Jul 8, 2021| 15 Romantic Quotes For Her

Sometimes the smallest gestures can turn the worst day of her life into one she’ll treasure forever. Guys don’t always vocalize what we mean to them, sometimes because a great relationship is just that hard to put into words. Here’s a few of my favorite (sometimes cheesy) ways for men to express what she means to you.

  1. “I’ll always love you, whether you need me to or not.”
  2. “If I had to choose between your happiness and all the wealth my family has in this world—there’s not enough finger or toes to describe how many time’s I’d choose you.”
  3. “I may not be your first kiss, your first love, or your first date, but I want to be your last everything.”
  4. “If I said your smile brightens the darkest of my days, would you believe me?”
  5. “I’d give every other moment in the world to spend my last with you.”
  6. “When we met, I was afraid to hold your hand. Now, that our fingers are entwined, I’m afraid to let go.”
  7. “Roses may be red and violets may be blue, I know the one who hold’s my heart shall always be you.”
  8. “My love for you is that of a dream come to life—I never want to pinch myself for fear of losing this happiness.”
  9. “I wanted run, just run until my legs gave out and then keep going until I couldn’t remember why I was running. But I won’t run anymore—not from your father and not from this feeling. Never from us.”
  10. “They can blindfold me in a room miles away civilization, I’ll find my way back to you.”
  11. “I could busy my mind with all the work in the world, but the moment I’m free, it runs back to you.”
  12. “Sometimes words are not enough to express how much you are on my mind.”
  13. “Every morning I wake with you in my arms, I can’t help believing in fairytales come true.”
  14. “The things you hate about yourself are the things I love most.”
  15. “I never believed in love at first sight, but when I hold you here, in my arms, I want to be your first, your last, and your everything.”

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