Jun 9, 2021| Get Off Your Tale: Humanity

“Describe humanity in one word,” a teacher once asked.

The room was silent until one teenager raised his hand. At the teacher’s nod, he stood, took a deep breath and began to speak.

“I think people are a lot like a Thesaurus,” he said.

The teacher’s eyes widened a fraction then a small smile curved her lips. “And why do you believe this to true?” she prodded gently.

The student looked around at the waiting faces of his peers and for a moment, his lips seemed to seal themselves. The teacher wondered if she had asked a bit much of the normally quiet student until his voice broke above the silence.

He cleared his throat and began again.“Well, we’re not walking definitions. I mean, you could use one or two words to define each person in the world, but it’s the small differences that make us uniquely similar instead of cookie cutter and the same.”

The student received an A for the class period.

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