Jan 25, 2023| Rhyme Verses Reason

You and I

By: Roxanne

Before he and I, just I existed.
A woman in the world of Cinderella, twisted.
For each word I spoke, he said was prattle.
Refused to understand how I felt like cattle.

At first, blind adoration led me by his noose,
As the back of my mind hissed like a goose.
“Bury it deep,” I said to myself
“Given time our relationship will regain health.”

This I continued to pray and believe,
Ignoring baneful words and promiscuity.
Until our vows were trampled in mud,
What remained of affection was a snipped bud.

To most, a snowflake was what broke my dam.
One strike from a wolf on our poor little lamb.
I screamed, “Quiet I remained on your deceit and feeling crappy,”
“But as a woman and your wife, I deserve to be happy!”

Beneath his excuses, I bucked off the spurned marriage.
No longer would my child or I need disparage.
After years at a war, never meant to be won.
After years of you and I, you stayed. I moved on.

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