Nov 3, 2021| Get Over The Hump Day: Perfect

What comes to your mind when you hear perfection? Do you imagine someone with a flat stomach or abs? How about beautiful flowing hair or maybe a jawline that could chisel stone accompanied by a Hollywood smile?

Truth time.

At some point in our lives, we all want one if not all of these things for our own to fit society’s image of perfection. It’s normal.

But, what if I told you that everything I listed above was a myth? Not the odds having these features, but the chance of perfection being real? Would you believe me?

It is.

As people, no, as humans, we worry and fret over the small things, twisting and turning ourselves to match someone else and their idea beautiful. There is no right or wrong in being the person you want. Whether you are curvy with chubby legs, thin with wild curls, or so petite that you need help reaching the kitchen cabinets, love who you are. Be your own ideal person.

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