May 27, 2020| Get Over The Hump-Day: We Matter

At some point in our lives, everyone feels that no matter how hard we work, how much we struggle for others to notice, it’s all in vain. That we, as people, don’t matter. I won’t coat the truth in maple syrup. There will be men and women who think you are lower than the silverfish crawling in the bottom of his or her closet. Sometimes, it’s not someone who believes we are meaningless, but us. But why do we believe them?

Everyone has heard the saying a million-and-ten times, but no one can make you feel insignificant without your consent. When we cry or fall into depression over the little things, we give that person permission to make us feel less than we already do. Realizing that no matter how upset or unimportant we may feel, only we can make things better. No one’s saying go on a trip to Africa or take a full day shopping spree, but doing a little something extra to remind us that our work, and we, are worth it. Even if it means going the extra $3.99 for an Amazon gift bag and a note to cheer ourselves on. Everyone matters.

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