Rhyme Verses Reason

From The Start

~Dedicated: to the single Dads, Daddies, Fathers on this special week.~

From the moment I was able to walk,
You held my hand without delay.
Counted the days until I could talk
And cradled me arm-wise all the way.

From Pre-K to college I was your Princess,
No Queen could come between us.
You nurtured and taught me what was best,
Never were our lives superfluous.

Now and here, again, you hold my hand.
As I walk down the aisle in lace and white,
I kiss your cheek and come to stand
By the one I’ve chosen for now and life.

He’s first in our home, but second in my heart
Because number one was you, Daddy, right from the start.


By: Roxxie

The she-wolf frolicks
Crocus petals flutter by
Small cubs, she nuzzles


Creator of art, keeper of fiction, culinarian among cooks
Who loves rain, wilderness, and guys who know just what to say and as well as those who don’t,
Feels that everybody makes mistakes. That every right has a wrong and every wrong has a reason.
Who fears losing her true relationships.
Who, one day, wants her own Mr. Right-for-Me and epiphany into the world of love,
Tenant of an ever alternating actuality and imagination,


Now and Always

~ A poem to my late grandfather~

I never knew shopping could weight my chest
With a Novocain heart that numbed at best.
Watching old folks bustle by on scooters and carts,
I bite my lips together and try not to start

The tears flowing because I heard “It’s okay”.
I’m keeping so many words I wish I could say.
So many places I want you with me,
But I can’t and inside it’s murder to see

Those old timers on scooters and pushing carts.
To catch them bickering and remember how you’d start
A meaningless argument just for fun.
Never meant to hurt anyone.

I’ll always remember your face
Fixing coffee in the morning or biting into cake
I’ll miss from now ’til we meet in a higher place
I’ll love you Papa, now and always

You and I

by Roxxie

Before you and I, just I existed.
A girl in a world of Cinderella, twisted.
To say I fought every battle
Understated! How each year I felt like cattle.

Led by love woven to a noose,
I soon found my faith butchered like a Thanksgiving goose.
His pretty words turned to a mountain of ice and sludge
And our “I do‘s”? Nothing more than a dark street to trudge

“No more!” I cried. “No more lies and feeling crappy”
“As a woman, bright and strong, I deserve to be happy!”
Under the noose, I bucked. Off with love and a spurned marriage
Burned by forgotten vows and bittersweet caresses

After years of war and battles, never forfeit or won.
After years of you and I, you stayed. I moved on.

Morning Glories

by Roxxie

Wild Morning Glories
A child frolics, it blooms
She tumbles, it dies

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