Get Over The Hump-Day

At some point in our lives, everyone feels that no matter how hard we work, how much we struggle for others to notice, it’s all in vain. That we, as people, don’t matter. I won’t coat the truth in maple syrup. There will be people who think you are lower than the silverfish crawling in the bottom of his closet. Sometimes, it’s not just someone who believes we are meaningless, but us. I have but one question: why do we believe them?

Everyone has heard the saying a million-and-ten times, but no one can make you feel insignificant without your consent. When we cry or fall into depression over the little things, we give that person permission to make us feel less than we already do. Realizing that no matter how upset or unimportant we may feel, only we can make things better. No one’s saying go on a trip to Africa or take a full day shopping spree, but doing a little something extra to remind us that our work, and we, are worth it. Even if it means going the extra $3.99 for an Amazon gift bag and a note to cheer ourselves on. Everyone matters.

Happy Hump Day, my beautiful readers! I was up at three this morning feeding my seven fur-babies—Yes, seven! My fur-babies had fur-babies!—when my brain dictated that I watch My Little Pony Equestria Girls. (Trust me, I don’t get it either) One of the last lines caught my attention and got me thinking. Let me know in the comments section how you handle a down in the chum bucket day. ~Roxxie

Nov 20| Happy Wednesday my lovely Sakurateers! Thanks for “tale-ing” it over here. Bad joke. I know, but I couldn’t resist. ^_^

Anyway, today I was skimming through Goodreads (because it’s what authors with jobs, schoolwork, and no discernable life do) and stumbled onto a diamond mine of quotes. One quote in particular made me wonder about how everything changes from Elementary School to adulthood.

As a child, it feels like the easiest thing in the world to love, to make friends and express ourselves with little care. However, something happens between the surge in growth and acne. We become picky with who we allow into our lives. Our friend circle shrinks until it’s the size of a dot at the end of a question mark and emotions? We bury them in the back yard next to Fido and that rose bush that wouldn’t grow last summer. Not to sound like the school therapist, but is that really what we want? Throwing away all the things that made life, well, life?

For me, I’ll admit behaving like an adult is straining at times. But I also have to wonder if the reason we are critical ( and at times, overly so) is because we want the best from our lives. The best husband or wife to love, the best friends that make each day worth suffering through the pie to the face we call life. Emotions and behaving like a child tend to get in the way of have the best adult relationships especially when we’re no long children. Don’t get me wrong kids should be kids as long possible, but knowing when it’s time to change gears, pull up your slacks or pantyhose is also a part of the adulthood we so desperately crave as pre-teens and teenagers. Wouldn’t you say?

These are my thoughts for getting Over The Hump today. Have a different opinion? Share below in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

Nov 13| It hurts. When someone we care about decides we’re no longer worth their time. Like raising a puppy, watching them grow and learn and play until one day they can’t anymore. I could say the pain only lasts a little while, that this feeling of “I failed again” fades with time. But, the truth is sometimes our thoughts do get the best of us, and sometimes the heartache never truly goes away.

It does get better. It’s natural, dare I say normal, to feel pessimistic when something as important as a relationship doesn’t work out. Yet, one, three, or even ten failed relationships does not define us. Our response, how we bounce back–so to speak–marks whether we honestly failed. Because, if we weren’t worth their time, chances are, they weren’t worth ours. Friends, partners, even family who want us in their life won’t hold onto the small things that drive us apart. Fault and failure is life, embracing and being embraced for our flaws and losses is true love.

This is what I honestly believe my beautiful readers. May you someday see it too.

Nov 6| As a woman, sometimes it feels as if the whole word expects more than we’re able to give. The need to be a better a mother when we’re already giving our all, to be the shoulder our partner leans and an ear when our friends are down. Every day, in spite of our own stresses, we push ourselves to be that person on which those in our lives can depend. We strive to be perfect.

Yet, often, perfect isn’t enough, and it’s not our partners or friends or children that make us feel that way. It’s us. Our finest doesn’t need to be identical to a mother who can afford the newest Lego set or match the coworker who looks as if she belongs on the next season of Top Model. Our best might resemble cutting pool noodles to look like extra large LINCOLN LOGS for Christmas or putting learning a new makeup tip to try something new. Be YOU. Us. Ourselves. As girls we hear like clockwork from our parents that if we do our best, everything else will fall into place. As women, nothing has changed. Best doesn’t have to be the world’s version of perfect just our version.

I won’t lie. I am still working on this because it is so easy to get caught up in what works for someone else. But, I’m learning that being me is a full time job. One that requires I put in work to keep my little world going ‘round. If you agree with my Hump-day rant, let me know what kind of things you find make you feel imperfect.

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